Re: ZERO – Starting Life in Another World


We analyze the title of Spike Chunsoft based on the Re: Zero series by Tappei Nagatsuki, which mixes phases of visual novel with others focused on action.

Re: Zero – Starting Life in Another World has been one of the series that has aroused the most expectation since the premiere of its animated adaptation in 2016, a work of the classic Isekai genre (a term that translates as “another world”), in the that its protagonist, Subaru Natsuki, is mysteriously transported to a fantastic world, the Kingdom of Lugunica, where both humans and creatures of different species coexist and where he meets the beautiful and innocent Emilia, a half-elf girl. After a series of events, Subaru is killed suddenly while Emilia herself dies at the hands of the same assailant, leading the boy to swear that he will try to save her and later appear in the middle of the city as if nothing had happened. From this point is where the story begins to gain interest with the protagonist not only using his mysterious ability, baptized by himself as Return from Death, to face the numerous threats that will put not only his life but also his life at risk. of the people you will meet during your stay in that new world.

This time we get the video game proposal based on the series, the third if we take into account the visual novel Death or Kiss launched in 2017 in Japan by 5pb and the mobile game Lost in Memories appeared in September last year. in Japanese lands. In this case we have a new title that comes from the hand of Spike Chunsoft, responsible for franchises such as Danganronpa or Zero Escape and titles such as Zanki Zero: Last Beginning and AI: The Somnium Files, who provide us with an adaptation that mixes novel phases Visual with critical decision making at certain points in the plot and tactical role-playing phases as incentives in the playable section.

The plot of the game takes place a month after the meeting between Subaru and Emilia, which in the anime would correspond after the events of episode 11 of the first season. After returning from the village, Subaru and Emilia notice the arrival of a dragon carriage that escorts an emissary with news regarding the selection to occupy the throne of the Kingdom of Lugunica to inform them that the selection process has been postponed. Roswall decides to send Emilia to the capital to find out the reasons for this decision, assigning Rem and Subaru as escorts. After a series of events, the group goes to the castle, presenting the five candidates to occupy the throne as future rulers: Emilia, Felt, Anastasia, Crusch and Priscilla. However, a sixth candidate appears, the young novice Melty, who is escorted by the emissaries that appeared at the Roswall mansion, Taiga and Sakura. Despite the fact that all of them respond to the dragon emblem, which determines them as candidates for the selection process, Subaru determines that there is an imposter among them, with the objective of investigating the rest of the candidates, which will lead him again to fight against the fate using his ability to return from the dead.

The development of the game mainly covers novel visual style sequences, enlivened with animated portraits of the characters, in which the plot is developed through a linear scheme that is divided into several parts of the action framing a day and that in turn they give rise to different cycles reached a specific point in the plot. During the conversations between characters it will be possible to obtain different types of information about various aspects of the game world, both characters, abilities or even elements that will help to better understand the lore of the game, being able to consult them through the Album option of the game. Unlike other visual novels, Re: Zero – The Prophecy of the Throne has hardly any response selection moments, which boils down to a few developmental splits located early in the game. Although they are not entirely relevant, they do offer access to different additional sequences, once the game is over, or also a summary of Subaru’s experiences prior to the events of the game.


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