RE Village: Players Cheat The Clock in The Limited PC Demo


Residen Evil: Village: The free demo limited by a Resident Evil: Village countdown was not a deterrent for players who accessed the title through Steam.

According to Eurogamer, after a few hours after the preview is available, ways to cheat the clock on the PC and enjoy the gameplay of the next title in the franchise as many times as the player wants have already appeared in forums of the digital store itself.

The mechanism involves deleting some internal Steam files to reset the clock and trick the game’s counting tool. The walkthrough can be found in discussions on Steam, but Voxel is not responsible for the actions of players who want to follow the tutorial.

According to the PC Gamer website, the servers were disabled for a few moments on last Saturday (1st) after the vulnerability was discovered, which led to a series of negative comments on the Resident Evil: Village page on Steam.

Normally, the player would only have 60 minutes to play as many times as he wants through the “Village” and “Castle” scenarios, distributing the time between the two environments as he sees fit.


Resident Evil: Village will be officially released on May 7, 2021 for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series and Google Stadia. The demo version will be released until May 10, in a decision made by the developer after requests from the community.


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