RE Village: Lady Dimitrescu gets details


Resident Evil: Village art director Tomonori Takano shared the game’s conceptual art giving a dimension the size of Lady Dimitrescu. The tall character of the game is 2.89 m, one of the images shows that she even has to bend down to walk inside the mansion that will be part of the game.

Takano says that it was just when he drew this image that she had to bend down to go through a door that he saw that this feature in Dimitrescu would work.

Among the ideas for building it, the director says that they made different versions, including some that put traces of creatures. They started drawing using the same modeling as Mia, a character also present in Resident Evil VII. The first step was to put on a dress and make it taller, then they made the changes they thought were necessary.

Despite the countless possibilities of the Resident Evil universe, they opted for a simple and extravagant appearance, without monstrous features. This air of luxury, beauty and height is a bet that she will be frightening and will be able to impose presence.

A curiosity, Lady Dimitrescu uses footwear of 44 cm (which would be equivalent to the number 61 in Brazil, which does not even exist in the table), 4 cm larger than the foot of Jeison Rodriguez Hernandez, registered in the Guinness World Record.


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