RDR2: discovers the difference between John and Arthur


A Reddit user reported this past weekend an interesting discovery about Red Dead Redemption 2. According to shared images, it is possible to observe the main difference between the sights of Arthur Morgan and John Marston, something that further reinforces the incredible richness of details. of the Rockstar game.

When aiming, Red Dead characters observe their targets in a completely different way, being almost imperceptible during games; while John Marston leaves one eye closed, Arthur Morgan keeps both eyes open before shooting.

The respective protagonists of the first and second games, John and Arthur have their complexities and unique characteristics, further magnifying the universe of the Wild West. However, their differences do not only exist in the aspects of personality, but also in the mechanics of the use of weapons, and the fan Desyeeforlife decided to share his finding to prove the theory. Check out the comparisons below.

John Marston

Arthur Morgan

What did you think of that detail in Red Dead? Do you have any theory that can explain the reason for the different aiming mechanics? Leave your answer in the comments.


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