RDR 2 fan cleared the game more than 30 times


Although some toxic players disagree, it is clear that video games are increasingly democratic and accessible to different audiences. As proof that they can be fun for all ages, a Reddit member named ApeWatcher decided to show his father, a big fan of Red Dead Redemption 2:

At the height of his 65 years of age, Mr. Boa Praça every day plays a few hours in the Rockstar sandbox. The ritual is followed with such rigor that he has managed to finish the full story of the game more than 30 times!

Interestingly, he doesn’t like multiplayer very much, and his fun is really revisiting the plot over and over again, as he loves cowboys. Have you finished the game at least once on PC, Xbox One or PlayStation 4? What is your opinion of him? Comment below!


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