What is RBC in Blood Tests, What Does it Mean to High and Low?


What is RBC? RBC is the name of red blood cells in medicine. RBC values, such as elevated or decreased RBC values, may be the main cause of life-threatening conditions. So what are the ideal RBC values, what is the height and low RBC, what are the symptoms, what should be considered?

RBC, which is very important in medical literature, means red blood cells in the language that we understand. In other words, RBC, which is tested in blood tests, actually means red blood cell count. This process is very important for the health of individuals.

Although doctors ask us for different blood tests according to their health complaints, RBC is one of the most wanted tests in general. Because the number of red blood cells in the blood is of vital importance, this test is one of the most basic tests for human health.

What is Red Blood Cell?

Before giving information about RBC, let us give you some important information about the red blood cells in which the RBC procedure is performed. A red blood cell, or erythroid, is the most common type of cell in our blood. Although red blood cells carry oxygen and carbon dioxide in our bodies, they also serve to transport iron in their structures.

What were the blood groups?

What can you say about blood groups, but the blood groups are determined by scientists according to the red blood cells in humans. In fact, the name of the blood group in humans is actually the number of the red blood cells carried in the membrane of the protein in medicine. So as you can understand, these proteins are different in every human being. The proteins in the membrane of the red blood cells of a person in the 0 RH + blood group and a person in the 0 RH – blood group are also different.

Again, according to medical literature, people with different proteins in the RBC membrane cannot give each other these proteins. Unfortunately, after an incorrect protein exchange, the RBC membrane will be damaged, which can lead to fatal consequences.

What is RBC?
What does RBC mean? RBC is an acronym for Red Blood Cell, which is actually an English word. The RBC, can be measured thanks to today’s technology. Because the RBC test required by doctors can be counted RBC in the body. It is also known as a red blood cell because it is round and red when viewed under a microscope.

Thanks to the circulatory system, red blood cells, which easily enter even the narrowest vessels in the body and transmit oxygen and carbon dioxide to even the most extreme tissues, are the oxygen source of organs and tissues. In the medical literature, the average diameter of the red blood cells is 15-16 microns, with an average volume of 83 microns. It is also known that a single red blood cell in a healthy person contains 270 million hemoglobin.

What does low RBC mean?
The RBC measurement test required by doctors is in fact a prompt to calculate the patient’s red blood cell count. In other words, the patient’s RBCs are counted by blood analysis. In some cases, the number of these red blood cells is small, which can cause serious discomfort.

The fact that red blood cells are low means that less oxygen and carbon dioxide goes to organs and tissues. As the organs do not get enough oxygen, they start to be dangerous.

What happens in a person with low RBC? The name of RBC abortion in medicine is called anemia. In a patient with anemia, there is not enough red blood cells or red blood cells in hemoglobin. Anemia is divided into different branches.

Iron deficiency anemia,
Sickle cell anemia,
Mediterranean anemia,
Spherocytosis anemia,
Pernicious anemia,
Apastic anemia,
Hemolysis anemia
Above mentioned that RBC abortion is extremely serious. According to experts, there may be different reasons for the low RBC. Pregnancy, bone marrow problems, leukemia, vitamin B12 deficiency, metebolic disorders, consuming too much fluid, blood loss, some cancer drugs used, erythropoietin deficiency and bleeding causing infections are the main and most dangerous causes.


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