Razzie 2022: Bruce Willis Will Have His Own Category In The Anti-Oscars. Eight Nominations!


Bruce Willis: The actor has achieved up to eight nominations in the “coveted awards”, a parody of the Oscars that year after year distributes his “illusion”. Bruce Willis’s fall into the hole of bad movies has been cooked up over the last few years. Gone are hits like The Fifth Element, 12 Monkeys, Sin City, Jungle Glass or The Sixth Sense. The American interpreter has remained anchored in thrillers and action movies that often do not even reach theaters. And as if all this were not enough, the 2022 Razzie Awards (Golden Raspberry Awards), the parody of the Oscars, has created a category of its own.

That’s right, the actor is nominated for his interpretation in eight of the films that he premiered in 2021. Given this situation, the organization has seen fit to grant him this peculiar honor. The award for the worst performance of Bruce Willis, without palliatives. Below we offer you the list with the eight Willis nominations … and the rest too.

These are the nominees for the Razzie 2022

Worst performance of Bruce Willis in 2021
Bruce Willis/American Siege
Bruce Willis / Apex
Bruce Willis / Cosmic Sin
Bruce Willis / Deadlock
Bruce Willis / Fortress
Bruce Willis / Midnight in the Switchgrass
Bruce Willis / No Escape
Bruce Willis / On Dangerous Lands
worst movie
Diane the musical
Space Jam: New Legends
The woman at the window
worst actor
Scott Eastwood / Dangerous Instinct
Roe Hartampf / Diana, the musical
LeBron James/Space Jam: New Legends
Ben Platt / Dear Evan Hansen
Mark Wahlberg/Infinite
worst actress
Amy Adams / The Woman in the Window
Jeanna de Waal / Diana, the musical
Megan Fox / Midnight in the Switchgrass
Taryn ManningKaren
Ruby Rose/Vanquish
By supporting actress
Amy Adams / Dear Evan Hansen
Sophie Cookson/Infinite
Erin Davie / Diana the Musical
Judy Kaye/Diana the Musical
Taryn Manning / Every Last One of Them
Worst Supporting Actor
Ben Affleck / The Last Duel
Nick Cannon / Elite Thieves
Mel Gibson / Dangerous Instinct
Gareth Keegan/ Diana the musical
Jared Leto / The House of Gucchi
worst manager
Christopher Ashley / Diana, the musical
Stephen Chbosky / Dear Evan Hansen
“Coke” Daniels / Karen
Renny Harlin/Elite Thieves
Joe Wright / The Woman in the Window