Razer Wolverine V2 Chroma, Review. A True Next Gen Evolution For PC And Xbox


Razer Wolverine V2 Chroma: The Razer Premium Controller is updated with important new features on almost all fronts while maintaining its ergonomics and design. At the premiere of Xbox Series X on the market, we were able to analyze one of the first next-generation controllers for the console (and PC) from Razer. The result was very powerful, due to ergonomics and response, although it is true that it had the difficult task of competing with the already excellent official Microsoft command. In less than a year, Razer has decided to evolve the formula that has done so well with others (such as Raiju) but adapting to the Wolverine V2 model. the result is more than ever, a Next Gen remote for 159 euros already on sale.

The first surprising thing about this review is that all kinds of QoL elements and functions have been added to a design that has already convinced us. Its ergonomics are simply perfect, with a great grip around the sides, with rough non-slip areas, and a structure very similar to that of the Xbox controller. With a compact shape and dimensions of 161.5×105.8×65 mm and a weight of 260 grams, it is a control that adapts very easily to the hands and that fits well. Very comfortable and with quick access to all its buttons. That they are not few.

Unlike the previous command, this time we continue with a wired bet but with the difference that the cable is removable via USB-C connection, something that makes things easier when storing it. As far as first impressions are concerned, the controller maintains the Wolverine essence with immediate response mechanical buttons, analog sticks without dead spots and outstanding smoothness when using them and superior triggers and buttons according to the rest of the controller. Naturally, we have all the buttons and shortcuts that Xbox Series X demands, like the share button. But here, what is truly new is in the additions.

In total we have four rear levers and two extra top buttons, fully customizable to assign those actions we want. It is an important step forward, because the rear buttons are almost a requirement in many genres and competitive titles, an evolution that we miss in the standard controls of the beginning of the generation.


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