Razer Wireless Gaming Keyboard BlackWidow V3 Pro


Razer, one of the first companies that comes to mind when it comes to gaming equipment, announced its new wireless gaming keyboard. This is the first wireless gaming keyboard from the company since Turret.

For PC gamers, wireless hardware has always caused a question mark in mind due to possible delays. However, player hardware has improved a lot and it has become almost impossible for players to understand the speed difference between wired and wireless hardware.

Razer, one of the first companies to come to mind when it comes to gaming equipment, also added the wireless option to the BlackWidow keyboard. While the BlackWidow V3 Pro is not Razer’s first wireless keyboard, it is the first wireless gaming keyboard since the original Turret and Turret for Xbox One.

Razer’s wireless gaming keyboard: BlackWidow V3 Pro

The BlackWidow V3 Pro, Razer’s first wireless keyboard for gamers, features an aluminum body and keyboard wrist rest compartment made of faux leather. Well, what other features are in the company’s new wireless keyboard, let’s see all together.

The box comes with a USB-A receiver for connecting Razer’s Hyperspeed wireless mouse. The company claims to be 25% faster than any competing option. In less than 200 millionth of a second, the keyboard receives the input and sends the USB receiver to the computer. The keyboard can also be connected via standard Bluetooth or USB.

The keyboard can be programmed together with Razer’s Synapse software, which supports RGB lighting. In the statement made, no information was given about the battery life of the keyboard. When we look at the price side, which is the main curiosity, it was announced that the BlackWidow V3 Pro has a price tag of $ 230.

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