Razer Unveils New Silent Office Series For Broadcasters!


Razer introduced its new office series products for broadcasters, gamers and office workers. Here are the features and prices…


Razer has built a good profile on RGB peripherals for years. Now, it presents its users with its new series designed for office use with low-profile keys. With this kit, the company has added a mouse, keyboard and mousepad to its product range, focusing on features like silence and comfort.

The company preferred white color in its new products. At this point, it turns out that it is already exclusive to office use. Users found this move of Razer, which usually uses an audio profile on its keys, somewhat surprisingly.

Pro Click Mini features and price

The Razer Pro Click Mini was launched as an office mouse with a small and white design. The device, which has two AA batteries, can run out of one. It can also be connected to an extra device using a dongle (dongle).

Among the features of the mouse are programmable buttons. In addition, it has other general features that most players are familiar with from the company. The most important and striking aspect was that it contained silent switches. The device is currently on the market with a selling price of $ 79.99.

Pro Type Ultra features and price

In order to match the mouse, the company also chose white for the Razer Pro Type Ultra keyboard. At this point, the fact that the backlight is white reveals that it was produced for the office. Silence is preserved here as well, along with the Razer Yellow Mechanical Linear switches.

The Razer Pro Type Ultra can pair with multiple devices via Bluetooth and dongle, similar to a mouse. At this point, the mouse and keyboard can use the same Razer Productivit Dongle. The price of the device announced by the company was $ 159.99.

Pro Glide XXL features and price

Finally, the company announced the Razer Pro Glide XXL, an office-style mousepad. At this point, the product, which is 940x419x3mm in size, comes in a light gray color. The specifications state that it’s made of thick, high-density rubber foam for comfort, along with a micro-woven fabric surface and non-slip rubber sole. This product from Razer currently has a price tag of $ 29.99.

What do you expect from the new office series introduced by Razer? Don’t forget to mention your ideas in the comments section!