Razer Turret: Do You Need A Keyboard And Mouse?


Razer has launched for Xbox One (and for PC) a keyboard and mouse pack that, although it works scary, does not have as many compatible games as we would like.

The Razer Turret is a rare accessory, like many of which this hardware company specialized in video games usually launches. But that is not why it is less interesting: it is a high-quality wireless mouse and keyboard package that, for now, works with Xbox One and PC.

In general, home video games have been played for a lifetime with a remote control, or with a stick if we get demanding. The mouse and keyboard have always been the territory of computers, with very few exceptions. But could this change in the coming years?

The world of the so-called ‘pc gaming’, playing on the computer, is increasingly interesting to players because it has become somewhat more affordable (‘something’, because it is still much more expensive than playing on the console), because the immense Most video games are played with better graphics (effects, textures, frame rate per second) and because many key industry influencers, from PewDiePie to elRubius, play on a computer.

Games like Fortnite or Minecraft are night and day on console and computer, the same with the most demanding shooting video games, such as Destiny, Call of Duty or Rainbow Six Siege. Hence the inevitable question: has the time come for us to play the console also with a mouse and keyboard?

If I throw the question in the air instead of stating anything, it is because, yes, it is possible to play the Xbox One with Razer Turret, but on the one hand, I have to do it on a flat surface like my coffee table or my legs (which is not entirely comfortable, although the Razer Turret has an immantate mouse stick); and, on the other, the worst of all: not all games are compatible.

The only first-person shooter that I play seriously is Destiny 2, but it doesn’t support a mouse and keyboard on Xbox One even though it has a computer version. And the list of titles that share this feature is infinite.

Yes, I have been able to play Metro: Exodus, the last title until the moment of the saga and a great post-apocalyptic game, on the other hand, which is played wonderfully well: it is easier to react and aim, the control is easier in some situations and turns the experience in something different, which I also value.

There are as many games available, most of the niche (Warframe, Wermintide Warthunger, Warface), but the best known are two: Fortnite and Minecraft. That these two massively popular games are compatible with the Razer Turret is something that benefits the accessory combo. Especially since they cost a good peak: 250 euros.

It is not an excessive price if you look at other combos or mechanical keyboards in the world of PC Gaming, but I understand that it can cost a parent to disburse that in an accessory for a console (which may even cost less than offer) and that it is not compatible with all the games.

The price is worth it. The keyboard is mechanical and quality. Although the version I could try had the American distribution of keys , the materials are of the highest quality, the lights can be configured with a free application for Xbox and the mouse, which is large and comfortable, it is magnetized with the removable keyboard clamp so that it does not fall out when you play on the sofa and move around a sufficiently large surface.

Despite the problems that can be pointed out to Razer Turret, it is a product that I like because I do want video consoles, in general, could be compatible with mouse and keyboard. It would take an adaptation for those who do not have these accessories and play with command (more help to the targeted, for example), but it is always good that there are more options.


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