Razer launches Pikachu-inspired phone with Poké Ball


Razer has launched new wireless headsets that promise to be a hit with Pokémon franchise fans. This is the Pokémon Pikachu True Wireless model, whose design is inspired by the famous character that has appeared in animations, games and comic books.

Special edition based on the Razer Hammerhead True Wireless Earbuds model, the new headphones are coated in yellow and bring an image of Pikachu in the place where the manufacturer’s logo is in the conventional version. Another difference is the charging case, which in this model has the shape of a Poké Ball and has a handle to facilitate its transport.

Speaking of drums, the Pokémon version of the phone has a three-hour autonomy, according to Engadget, slightly less than the standard Hammerhead True offers. And when the charge runs out, just use the Poké Ball charger, which is able to guarantee another 15 hours of autonomy, that is, it allows five recharges.

In the rest of the specifications, the Pikachu phone is identical to the Hammerhead True, including the 13 mm driver for bass reinforcement, splash protection (IPX4 certified) and support for Bluetooth 5.0. There is also the low latency mode, a feature used in online games, but it does not have active noise cancellation.

How much?
The Razer Pokémon Pikachu True Wireless headphones will go on sale in China starting next April 16. Over there, the accessory will cost 849 yuan, equivalent to R $ 625 per day, in direct conversion, without considering taxes.

So far, there is no forecast for the launch of the new Razer themed wireless headphones for other countries.


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