Razer launches Kanagawa Wave, a clothing line made with recycled plastic


Razer: Kanagawa Wave is the newest clothing line from Razer with pieces made from plastics collected from the ocean. According to the company, the brand will finance the recovery of 1 kg of marine plastic for each piece of the collection that is sold. The limited edition is inspired by the work of art “The Great Wave of Kanagawa”, created by the Japanese artist Hokusai in 1829.

Among the pieces sold we can mention a sweatshirt, a short-sleeved shirt, a tank top, shorts and a cap. Products made with 100% recycled materials from the sea. The novelty is available in the official Razer store only in some countries. It is worth mentioning that the items are not for sale in Brazil.

With the launch of the line, Razer also launched #GoGreenWithRazer, reinforcing the importance of helping to save the planet. In addition, all revenue from the sale of the Kanagawa Wave line will be used for the recovery of waste in coastal areas. Altogether, 11 million tons of plastic are recovered from the ocean, thanks to recycling efforts around the world. Plastic is considered one of the main threats to marine life and the food chain of these animals, being one of the worst pollutants today.


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