Razer Kaira Pro, the next generation helmets for Xbox


We tested exclusively for Spain the new Razer headsets that allow us to connect both to Series X and to the PC / mobile, with high-quality sound and a clear microphone.

Xbox Series X and S arrive next week in Spain. We have already spoken at length about the benefits of the new Microsoft consoles, their command or the optimization of top-of-the-line games. But the green party of the Redmond company is now joined by another company that is going green: Razer. Specialists in controls and accessories for consoles and PCs, your first bet for the new generation is high: Razer Kaira Pro. The first next gen headsets with very powerful functions. We analyze them exclusively for Spain after days and hours with them.

The nature of the new Razer wireless headsets is to follow the path set by the Xbox ecosystem. This means that if with our account we can play the console, then make the leap to mobile devices with xCloud (currently Android) and then continue on PC, the helmets have to maintain this function. And that intention, that of being transversal as are Xbox services such as Game Pass, is what predominates in the Razer Kaira Pro. A system that wants to be able to connect and be connected at the same time to all the devices with which we can play .

In fact, before going into specifications, we surely highlight the key point of the device: the ability to be connected to both Xbox Series X and another system, be it a PC or our mobile phone. Anyone that allows you to connect thanks to Bluetooth 5.0. We are talking, therefore, of helmets that are cross-platform, and that allow two open channels: the console and the one that arrives via Bluetooth. This makes things easier if we change the game device, or if we are called on the phone while we are playing with the headphones connected to the console. A function that has surprised us, that works correctly and that is the first starting point for a product that contains other surprises.

High-flying sound

Headphones are for listening, and for listening well. Kaira Pro has Triforce Titanium technology that separates the different levels of sounds into three parts: high, medium and low. This, which was already in the BlackShark V2 and Pro, allows to offer a clear sound, with much more forceful bass and many more nuances. This is what the theory says, and it is what at least we have confirmed in practice. The titles sound especially good, since through Virtual Surround Sound it makes us believe that there are many more points where the sound comes from. We have tested it with several hard-hitting games, such as DOOM Eternal, Halo 5 or burning wheel in Forza Horizon 4, and all the nuances present in explosions, impacts, weapons or drifts elevate the experience.

Two microphones in one

To this is added the microphone. The Kaira Pro come with a microphone that can be attached or removed and that tries to be as clean and clear as possible. To achieve this, the design of the microphone is focused on focusing on the user’s mouth, covering up from ambient sounds and capturing the voice as the main sound input. We have done tests typing at a normal distance from the head and what we have captured is the predominant voice and hardly any sound around it. The microphone is 9.9mm long, and it is flexible to be able to adapt it and bring it closer or further away from our mouth with ease.


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