Razer Iskur, review: an elegant, comfortable


Integrated in the high-end segment, it is aimed at both professionals and gamers who spend many hours in front of the screen.

In the world of gaming there is a tendency, as in the rest of sports, to professionalize all the components that are around it. In recent years we have seen a substantial improvement in the performance of keyboards, mice, screens and, of course, chairs. This last section has itself become an important business within the video game world and large peripheral companies, such as Razer, are competing with traditional manufacturers. .

Razer’s new gaming chair model, Iskur, falls squarely in the high-end range and is ideal for both professionals and gamers who spend many hours sitting in front of a screen. It is made with high quality materials that favor its durability and its ergonomic design improves performance as it avoids the common postural pain.

Razer Iskur comes in a single presentation: black with some green details and a medium size. They are Razer’s corporate colors and gives it a very stylish look. It is completely covered by a multilayer synthetic leather that, in addition to offering a pleasant sensation to the touch, is much more resistant than normal PU leather, which avoids the peeling that occurs in normal chairs after continuous use. To increase the player’s comfort, high-density foam cushions have been added that make it necessary to maintain a uniform posture during the game session, avoiding movements within the chair. The cushion is made with PVC that favors both conditioning and weight distribution as well as breathability, which is usually the Achilles heel of most chairs.

Your ergonomics to the test

The great success of Razer Iskur is its ergonomic lumbar support system that, unlike other competitive chairs, allows the back pad to be adjusted in such a way that the player always has their back supported in a correct way regardless of the position they adopt. . It can be detached or glued from the rest of the backrest at the player’s convenience by means of a lever located at the bottom of the seat.


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