Razer Invitational LATAM 2021 Opens Registration To The Public


This Wednesday (25), Razer announced the holding of the second edition of the Razer Invitational LATAM 2021. In this year’s edition, participants from eight countries will be able to compete: Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Paraguay, Uruguay, Colombia and Peru.

Among the new features for this year’s edition is the addition of Free Fire and women’s tournaments for CS: GO, as well as a division into three regions: Brazil, LATAM North (Colombia, Mexico and Peru) and LATAM South (Argentina, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay). In each of them, a total prize of US$15,000 will be offered, with this amount divided into cash values ​​and Razer products.


To sign up for free, just follow the links below. Applications are valid until the 7th of September, with the qualifying rounds starting on the 8th of September and the finals being played between the 1st and 3rd of October. For those who just want to follow the matches, Razer’s official channels on Facebook, YouTube, Twtich and TikTok, as well as Booyah in the case of Free Fire.


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