Razer introduces RGB mask and chair at CES 2021


Razer presented at CES 2021 two projects with innovative technologies. The first is an intelligent mask, made of transparent plastic that brings internal lighting to facilitate communication. And the other is from a gamer chair, also with RGB, and with a curved monitor, for total immersion of the player.

Hazel Project

The Hazel Project aims to be the smartest face mask in the world. Starting with the clear and transparent design, which allows you to visualize smile and facial expressions through the mask. In addition, it also allows hearing impaired people to do lip reading. And in darker environments, or at night, internal lights are automatically activated to assist in the visualization of the lips.


Also to facilitate communication, the mask has built-in microphones inside, along with amplifiers that reproduce the sound to the outside. The intention is to provide cleaner dialogues, unlike the muffled sound that happens with almost all common masks.

About its composition, it is all coated with silicone to provide comfort in long hours of use. It also has small fans that filter the air and can be cleaned in the quick-loading box itself. It also shows the battery level during the charging process.

Finally, like most of Razer’s RGB products, it is possible to configure the color set of the LEDs positioned on the side of the mask. Through the Razer Chroma RGB app, you can customize the look with over 16 million colors, and create your own lighting effect.


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