Razer Introduces New Seiren V2 Pro And Seiren V2 X Microphones For Streamers


Razer: The brand of accessories for gamers launches two new models of microphones for professional streamers or beginners; already available from 109.99 euros. Razer, the famous brand specialized in accessories and hardware for gamers, has announced two new microphones for streamers belonging to its Seiren range with the so-called Seiren V2 Pro and Seiren V2 X, two models destined to become the centerpiece of any set-up. of content creators, both professionals and beginners, thanks to its advanced features and premium quality, all to offer richer, more powerful and true-to-life audio.

New Seiren already available from 109.99 euros

Thus, the Razer Seiren V2 Pro offers the richest and most powerful audio in its class, allowing streamers to display the depth and richness of their voice tones with the tonal quality of a radio DJ. High-pass filters and analog gain limiters ensure that the microphone only captures the sound you want, naturally filtering out accidental bumps and unwanted background noise. “The Seiren V2 Pro is essential for any streamer or content creator looking to improve their audio quality and experience,” they say from Razer.

Among the main features of the Raizer Seiren V2 Pro we find a dynamic microphone that allows a rich and powerful vocal capture, a frequency response of 20 Hz to capture a full range of audio, a high pass filter to block unwanted low frequencies, limiter analog gain to prevent voice distortion and superior precision and dynamic range with 24-bit rate.

For its part, the Seiren V2 X improves on the previous version Seiren X in all respects, with sharper and clearer voices, easily isolating the streamer’s voice without any background noise. Its main features include a 25mm condenser microphone for natural vocal quality, a supercardioid pickup pattern for greater isolation of the voice, an analog gain limiter to prevent voice distortion, and superior accuracy and dynamic range with 24 bit speed.

Additionally, both microphones offer nearly unlimited customization options and enhanced controls thanks to full integration with Razer Synapse software. The new Seiren V2 Pro and Seiren V2 X are available now at prices of € 159.99 and € 109.99, respectively, through Razer.com, RazerStores and select retailers.


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