New gaming mousepad that lives up to its name reaching over 1m wide


After launching the over-ear phone Opus, a strong competitor for established brands like Sony and Bose, Razer today announced four new models of mousepads with the Gigantus V2 line. These are the largest ever produced by the company, and can reach more than 1m in width in its 3XL version.

The company claims that the launches have a considerably higher thread count than its predecessor, in addition to making use of a non-stick rubber base capable of withstanding the most intense gameplay sessions. We don’t have RGB lighting around here, with mousepads adopting a minimalist design that features only the Razer brand sewn into one of the corners.

The Gigantus V2 will be offered in four sizes: medium, 360 x 275 x 3mm, large, 450 x 400 x 3mm, XXL, 940 x 410 x 4mm, and 3XL, with an impressive 1,200 x 550 x 4mm. Outside, all models, except the 3XL, can be customized at an additional cost, black being the standard color.

The Razer Gigantus V2 hits the market at $ 10 for the medium version, $ 15 for the large version, $ 30 for the XXL and $ 50 for the 3XL, being cheaper than other products in the category launched by the brand precisely because of the lack of great special features.

It is worth remembering that the manufacturer launched last week the new version of its Blade Pro 17. The new laptop features the new generation of Intel Core CPUs and Nvidia GeForce SUPER mobile GPUs, in addition to an impressive 120Hz 4K screen, one of the first available on the market.

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