Razer enters the smart glasses market with Anzu


Glasses that can double as headphones continue to become an increasingly popular category. After Bose introduced its own glasses in 2019 and launched Amazon Echo Frames in 2020, Razer is the next big company to produce in this field.

Razer today announced its Anzu smart glasses that will officially filter blue light and at the same time project sound into your ears without completely drowning out environmental sound. The main difference between Anzu and Echo Frames is that the blue light filter comes as a default feature in Razer’s version.

Razer Anzu will have two different designs

According to the resulting render photos of the new glasses, Anzu is compared to Echo Frames in terms of overall volume. According to the spec sheets, Anzu looks about 10 grams heavier than Echo Frames.

While Amazon will only offer one lens shape, Razer will have round or rectangular options. It will also offer the opportunity to wear Anzu with lenses that turn it into sunglasses. As with Echo Frames, Anzu offers touch controls via an adjacent panel.

You can do this to manage music playback, accept or reject calls. On the other hand, you can also use it to activate its assistant or turn on “game mode”.

The Razer Anzu uses a customized Bluetooth 5.1 connection that provides the 60ms delay required to keep your voice from stuttering. Also, when you’re not actively using the device, Razer promises “more than 5 hours of battery life” and up to two weeks of standby power. The smart glasses also offer a built-in omnidirectional microphone so callers can hear you.

If you need prescription lenses to use Anzu, you can purchase them through Razer’s partner Lensabl. In addition, let’s note that the standard option comes with 35 percent blue light filtering lenses.

Finally, Razer Anzu is rated IPX4. Therefore, it stands out with its splash-proof structure. This means that while you shouldn’t take him swimming, he’ll survive the rain for a short time. You can purchase Anzu from Razer’s website for $ 200 with a carrying case, a USB-A charging cable, and polarized UVA / UVB sunglasses replacement lenses.


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