Razer Anzu smart glasses introduced


Razer also followed the path of Bose, Amazon and other manufacturers to introduce its new smart glasses. Razer Anzu glasses are available in both rectangular and round frame versions, with a price tag of $ 199.99. Both versions are available in two sizes, large and small. Pre-orders started to be taken during the week.

There are two sets of lenses in Anzu’s packages offered to customers. A normal pair of lenses provides 35 percent filtering against blue light. In addition, Razer added sunglasses lenses that provide 99 percent ultraviolet ray protection to the box.

However, Razer differs from its competitors with its different approach to this headset. The company has used a true wireless headphone design that completely divides the left and right speakers. Razer says this offers more comfort as the frames provide more flexibility and flexibility. On the other hand, this can lead to some awkward charging situations, you may need to place both stems in the charging cradle at the same time. Because each has pins. And theoretically, you might encounter situations like audio interruptions on one side.

For those who need prescription lenses, Razer offers a 15 percent discount to Anzu buyers in agreement with Lensabl.

Razer equipped both sides with a 16mm driver. There are also touch sensitive gestures controls on both handles that will allow you to change tracks, answer calls, or activate a voice assistant. Anzu goggles are rated IPX4 for water resistance, so it may be necessary to avoid heavy rain. However, light splashes will not be a problem. Razer also says it lowers the Bluetooth latency to 60ms.

Anzu goggles turn off automatically when folded. Razer states that it provides up to two weeks of standby time. The glasses are automatically paired with the latest device when turned on again. Battery life is given as “up to five hours”. When it comes to sound leakage, which is always seen as a side effect with these sound-enabled glasses, Razer notes that people at arm’s length can hear what you are listening to.

The Razer Anzu’s leather case has a magnetic cover, charging cable, and fins to store additional lenses. These glasses are sold abroad at Razer.com and physical RazerStore stores.


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