Razer announces the Huntsman Mini, first 60% keyboard


Razer, one of the world’s leading gamer product experts, announced its first 60% type keyboard: the Huntsman Mini. This means that this keyboard is about 60% more compact than a conventional keyboard. The product was developed based on suggestions from the community, in addition to the opinions of professional players, to adapt perfectly to the needs of these users.

Razer Huntsman Mini

It took a while, but Razer launched its first 60% keyboard, especially dedicated to games that have reduced spaces, need to perform large mouse movements and do not give up on superior equipment.

This ultra-compact keyboard has the most essential keys for certain types of players. Secondary functions are still available, but printed on the front faces of the keys, and can be activated with the help of the Fn key. There is also the option to configure macros and other commands, which can be done using the Razer Hypershift or Razer Synapse 3 apps.

Developed based on expert opinion

Who would be the best people to give an opinion on the development of a keyboard dedicated to players, if not themselves?

Razer, once again, considered the opinion of the gaming community, and also sought to hear suggestions from technology enthusiasts, to create an ultra-compact keyboard that brings the latest and best technologies available today.

One of these technologies is applied to linear optical switches, which were recently improved by the company, and included in versions of the Razer HM. The new switch has a silicone protector, which significantly reduces key noise, offering a quiet experience without sacrificing the speed or softness of the click.

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The keys also have a special construction, which maximizes durability, even under the effect of RGB lighting.

Focus on games

Ultracompact, the Huntsman Mini is ideal for dynamic game players who demand superior precision and comfort.

However, this type of product can also please any user who spends a lot of time on the PC and dispenses with the numeric keypad, as the small size reduces the effort to move the mouse, causing less fatigue.

RGB lighting

RGB lighting fans will love the effects of the Razer HM, which can be customized via software. In addition, the effects have integration with more than 150 games.

Pricing and availability

The Razer Huntsman Mini will be launched in Brazil in August, in black and white mercury colors, and with variants using purple switches with audible click or linear red optics.


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