Razer Announces Illuminated Credit Card For Gamers


Razer, who collaborated with VISA, announced a special credit card for players. The Razer logo on the matte black credit card turns green during contactless payment. The card, which can only be used in Singapore for now, will become widespread in various countries in the future.

Razer, one of the prominent names in the gaming equipment industry, appeared before consumers with a completely different product today. Razer, in collaboration with the multinational financial services company VISA, announced a credit card that players will admire. While many people are uncomfortable with the space their credit cards occupy in their wallets, Razer’s credit card is the kind of thing that every consumer will like with its design.

The credit card announced by Razer has a black and matte color. The card, which can be used with Razer Pay, the company’s own payment system, has a chip and the Razer logo on it. Moreover, this logo turns green, which is integrated with Razer when a contactless payment is requested. The card, which has a very premium structure, seems to be the favorite of gamers.

This is what Razer’s credit card looks like

Commenting on the new credit cards, Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan says that consumers who use this credit card can get unlimited repayments from 61 million suppliers worldwide. According to Tan’s statements, 1 percent refund will be received for purchases made with Razer’s credit card.

The advantages of the credit card offered by Razer are not limited to this. According to the statements made, Razer will refund 5 percent to consumers who subscribe to the credit card program when purchasing Razer products. Consumers participating in beta tests to be carried out until the system is on track will have the opportunity to pay back up to 10 percent. The credit card, which can only be used in Singapore for now, will be accessible in more countries in the future.

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