Razer Adds xCloud iOS Support To Kishi iPhone Controller


Razer has innovated in its Kishi controller as Microsoft introduced xCloud iOS support to more users. Introduced the Razer Kishi Universal Game Controller for iPhone (Xbox), which is designed to take advantage of xCloud cloud gaming support within Xbox Game Pass Ultimate on iPhones.

According to the company, Kishi won two “Best of CES” awards in 2020, the “CES 2021 Honoree” and “Windows Central 2020 Best Xbox Accessory”. With new support, the Razer Kishi controller series offers every mobile gamer the option to enhance their gaming experience regardless of platform.

Gamers will now be able to play more than 100 games available on Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, wherever they are, with a fully integrated portable controller. Being MFi certified, the gamepad also works seamlessly with all compatible iOS games, including those available from Apple Arcade.

Razer Kishi Universal Game Controller for iPhone (Xbox) offers mobile gamers advanced gaming features; It provides greater precision and control with clickable analog thumbsticks, full multi-function button layout and 8-way D-pad. The newest member of the Kishi controller series, which has the familiar comfortable ergonomic design of Razer Kishin, comes with a new design with Monochrome face buttons.

Players will also receive a free 90-day trial of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate to play continuously on their Xbox consoles, PCs and iPhones when they purchase the controller.


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