Rayssa Leal turns character in mod for Tony Hawk’s 2


Tony Hawk’s 2: Anyone following the Olympic competitions in Japan must have noticed the achievements of Rayssa Leal, also known as Fadinha, in skateboarding competitions, earning the young athlete the silver medal. However, this was not her only achievement, as, thanks to a mod, she also became a character in Tony Hawk at 2.

The feat in question is courtesy of the Bomba Patch team and there is even a video on the network showing how Rayssa Leal’s Pro Skater turned out – including here some maneuvers and other elements of this version. Check it out below:

Interestingly, despite her age Rayssa is friends with Tony Hawk in real life, and even came into contact with him during her stay in Japan (remember, she arrived in our country this Wednesday, July 28th), just like her. same showed in an image posted on her Instagram profile.


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