Rayssa Leal Gains 3.36 Million Followers in 1 Day on Instagram


At 13, Olympic silver medalist Rayssa Leal continues to achieve results, this time on social media, where, after taking the podium at the Tokyo Olympics, she has more than quintupled her followers on Instagram. In a few hours, Fadinha “flipped” from 600 thousand followers to more than 3.36 million.

The big dream of the little athlete from Maranhão – to reach 1 million followers on Instagram – was conquered in the early hours of Saturday to Sunday (25), when Kelvin Hoefler won the silver medal in the men’s skate street modality. In the early hours of Sunday to Monday, it was Rayssa’s turn to repeat the feat.

When, after stepping down from the podium, she was asked by reporters about the increase in followers, she replied with a smile: “What’s this, folks? I didn’t know, no.” And he confessed: “Since the beginning, when I started on social media, it was always my dream to have my first million. Yesterday, I won the first million, and today I already have two and still the medal?”.

The Rayssa phenomenon

As of this writing, Rayssa Leal has already passed the 5.7 million Instagram followers mark. According to information from Facebook, she is currently the third most followed Brazilian athlete on the social network. In just 24 hours after winning the Olympic medal, the growth in the media was 289%. In a week in Japan, the total number of interactions (likes and comments) went from 348,000 to 7.64 million.

Speaking to Uol portal, Rayssa said she is very happy with all the girls who sent her messages on Instagram saying that they started to skate because of her videos. And she remembers: “I’m very happy, because it was the same with me. I had shown a video of Letícia [Bufoni] riding a skateboard, then my father saw it and was like ‘oh, great'”. Before long, she had her first board.


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