Rayman Creator Leaves; Wild is still in development


Michel Ancel says goodbye to the video game industry after 30 years of work. He does it to pursue his other passions: nature and animals.

Michel Ancel, creator of Rayman, leaves the industry after 30 years in it. His decision was motivated by dedicating himself body and soul to his other great passion: nature. It will create a public sanctuary dedicated “to education, lovers of nature and wild animals.”

The creative’s career in the video game industry goes beyond having given life to one of Ubisoft’s icons. In 2003 he directed Beyond Good & Evil, to later do the same in Peter Jackson’s King Kong. His long career has led him in recent years to head two of the French studio’s ongoing projects: Beyond Good and Evil 2 and Wild.

Despite its abandonment, Ancel affirms in the same Instagram publication that both titles are still in development. “Don’t worry, since the teams have been autonomous for a few months now and the projects are going very well. Wonderful things will be seen soon ”, he concludes.

What do we know about Beyond Good and Evil 2 and Wild?

The two projects Ancel was involved in have remained in a news stalemate. The most notable is Wild, which since its disclosure in 2014 have hardly transcended details. The last time we heard from him was in 2017, where the director used his own Instagram account to show a new, unpublished image.

In the case of the Space Opera of Beyond Good and Evil 2, Yves Guillemot took advantage of the E3 2019 stage to comment that the game will cause “a great impact” in the industry once it lands on the market. Words that make sense after seeing that its technical director, Cyril Masquilliere, describes it as a AAAA game. Yes, it is not a misprint: one notch above the traditional triple A. On the other hand, the license will make the leap to the big screen with a feature film directed by Rob Letterman, director of Pokémon: Detective Pikachu, among other films.


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