Ray Fisher should not live Cyborg in The Flash


The Flash movie will not have Ray Fisher in the role of Cyborg after the character was revealed to have been excluded from the script. The news comes from The Wrap and a recent statement by the actor claiming not to participate in any production involving Walter Hamada, president of DC Films. The executive, in turn, had his contract renewed with the studio until 2023.

According to sources on the site, in June last year Warner Bros. would have offered Fisher a small part in the sprinter’s solo film. Then he started a series of denunciations against Joss Whedon, after the latter was called in to finish Justice League, in the face of Zack Snyder’s departure.

Victor Stone’s interpreter accused the director of abusive behavior during the film’s recordings. Such unprofessional actions would have been permitted by then-president of DC Entertainment, Geoff Johns, and by former Warner Bros. production co-president, Jon Berg.

On September 4, the actor accused Hamada of trying to defend Johns, an action denied by the studio. “After talking about the Justice League, I got a call from the president of DC Films, in which he was trying to run over Joss Whedon and Jon Berg in the hope of saving Geoff Johns. I’m not going to [do the same], ”he said on his Twitter.


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