Ray Fisher And Gal Gadot Fight Back And Respond To Joss Whedon For Justice League


Ray Fisher: The tension continues to rise between the director of the Justice League reshoots and part of the cast of the DC film; Cyborg and Wonder Woman respond. Director Joss Whedon recently broke his silence after staying away from the news following the different statements about his questionable behavior when he worked on the reshoots of Justice League after the departure of Zack Snyder. And it is that the filmmaker alluded directly to the opinions of part of the cast of the DC film, especially Ray Fisher (Cyborg) and Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman), assuring that everything is bad faith and that the relationship, at that time, was cordial and respectful on the set, yes, acknowledging that she had never worked “with such a rude group of actors”. The responses of those mentioned have not been long in coming, since both Ray Fisher and Gal Gadot have already reacted to Whedon’s words.

Cyborg and Wonder Woman fight back

Let’s start with Ray Fisher, the actor who has invested the most energy in recent years in bringing to light what he considers malpractice on the part of the director and the studio: “Joss Whedon has had almost two years to clarify his version of the story. He has likely spent tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars on public relations, crisis management and preparedness. And his response to the accusations is ‘everyone misunderstood me and/or is out to get me; besides, my mother is sexy ‘? ”, writes the actor on his official Twitter account.

For his part, Gal Gadot has also responded to the words of the director, assuring that “I understood it perfectly. I will never work with him again and I would never recommend my co-workers to do so, ”referring to Whedon saying that Gal Gadot probably did not understand the way he spoke well, since English is not the native language. of the Israeli.

Let us remember that Joss Whedon has been away from public and professional life since his departure from the series The Nevers; We will see how this whole matter affects his career as a director, since this crossing of statements and accusations does not seem to leave him in a very good place.