Ravi’s Agency Publishes an Initial Statement About His Alleged Involvement in Corruption For The Purpose of Evading Military Service


VIXX’s Ravi agency has released a statement regarding his ongoing allegations of corruption in the military.

Earlier, on January 12, it was reported that a group of intermediaries was arrested on corruption charges to evade military service by referring their clients to a neurologist at a major hospital in Seoul, and then giving them a false medical diagnosis of epilepsy to help them recover. released from military service or received a lower military rank.

It is reported that the brokers advertised themselves, saying that a well-known idol rapper also used their services to successfully obtain a 4th grade military assessment (invalid service) through them.

The reports claimed that the rapper refused to participate in the entertainment show in May last year due to conscription, and then in October joined the service as a social worker. After that, Ravi, who left KBS2’s “2 Days & 1 Night” in May and began his military service as a civil servant in October, was named the idol in question.

Ravi GROOVL1N Agency has released an official statement with the following content.


This is GROOVL1N.

We would like to convey our official statement regarding the reports that have been released today.

After receiving the report, we carefully study the truth about the situation.

It is only right to give a statement as soon as possible, but since the problem is related to military duty, we consider it appropriate to first find out the details and then give detailed explanations, so we are currently trying to find out the details. In addition, if there is a request for an investigation related to this case, [Ravi] will conduct it in good faith at any time.

More precise information will be provided in a separate notification later.


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