Ravens Running Back “stuck” at Practice on Sunday


Last year, the Baltimore Ravens historically lost at the running quarterback position, sending each of their top four runners to injured reserve by the end of the year.

I don’t want to sound the alarm, but the Ravens just got a noticeable injury in their backfield. According to Ravens insider Jamison Hensley, veteran running back Mike Davis was “taken off” near the end of practice.

According to the report, Davis tried to leave, but did not return to training. However, he did not need to see the coach urgently, and he also did not leave the field ahead of time.

Davis is preparing for his first season with the Ravens after spending last season with the Atlanta Falcons. He had 762 yards to scrimmage and four touchdowns.

Despite all the injuries the Baltimore Ravens suffered last year, they still finished the season with the No. 3 fast attack in the league.

Running backs Devonta Freeman and Latavius Murray appeared out of nowhere to bounce back years after they were signed as replacements at the end of the offseason.

But with the running back squad much better this year, the Ravens are expected to have the best offense in the NFL again. If Mike Davis is healthy, they will also have a good off-field reception option.

Will Mike Davis be able to make a big contribution to the Ravens’ offense in 2022?


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