Raven-Simone Has Become The Latest Celebrity to Claim That Fans Have Mispronounced Her Name For Years


The Internet has been going crazy lately because on Wednesday, Jenny Ortega correctly pronounced Rihanna’s name at the 80th Golden Globes. Many celebrities, including Khloe Kardashian, teach their fans to pronounce their name correctly, and Raven’s Home star Raven-Simone has become the latest celebrity to tell her fans that they have mispronounced her name for years.

The Disney Channel star turned to her TikTok account to teach her subscribers how to pronounce her iconic name correctly. Raven-Simone set the tone by getting into her car with the usual greeting of fans when they see her in public. An audio clip of Jennifer Tilly from season 2 of “Chucky” soon appeared, where the one-name star was apparently arguing with a fan about how to pronounce her name. She simplified the task by showing how to pronounce her name phonetically. If you want to learn how to pronounce her birth name correctly, watch the funny clip with the TV icon below.


Those who know…KNOW… fit was cray that day.

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And here it is. Raven-Simone wants everyone to start pronouncing her name correctly. At least she gave a funny kind of tactlessness with a viral clip of Chucky. It turned out that followers had been emphasizing the wrong syllable for decades. In this case, the emphasis on the letter “e” is more important than the fans thought. So, the correct pronunciation is “Simonai”. The clip showed that the former child star was disappointed that her name was constantly mispronounced when she was addressed by others. The comedienne ended the moment with some humor, pointing out her eclectic outfit.

However, solving the problem of mispronouncing her name made some Raven-Simone fans call out the TV icon. Many viewers noted that it was the fault of the graduate of “That’s how Raven” that they called her name incorrectly. They highlighted her Disney Channel bumpers of the 2000s, where she mispronounced her name. So, no matter how much fans wanted to pronounce her name correctly, it turned out that the actress may have set the tone. But, considering that she has been playing since she was 3 years old, perhaps over time she got used to hearing the wrong pronunciation and simply could not correct the audience.

The Raven-Simone dilemma echoed the same feelings as two-time Oscar winner Denzel Washington. Just last year, a clip went viral in which Washington showed on the Graham Norton show that his name is pronounced “Denzul” and not “Denzel”. Although he explained that the mispronunciation was a nickname given by his mother to distinguish him from his father, after whom he was named. Other notable examples of the famous mispronunciation are Chrissy Teigen and Raven-Simone’s Disney co-star Lindsay Lohan.

Raven-Simone didn’t let this oversight stop her career, as “Raven’s House” is currently airing its fifth season on the Disney Channel. You can watch the reboot series with a Disney+ subscription to see all the nostalgic moments like Tanya Baxter, actress T’KAYA Crystal Keima returning to the Baxter family home, and more.


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