Raven-Simon Admits Intermittent Fasting for Weight loss: Look at the transformation of her body over the years


Do everything in your own way! Raven-Simone has been openly talking about her body for decades while growing up in public view.

While the actress became famous as the main character of the series “This is such a Raven”, which premiered on the Disney Channel in 2003, she previously appeared on the Cosby show and in “Meetings with Mr. Cooper” in the 80s and 90s. In October 2021, Raven revealed that she first started receiving “don’t eat this, don’t eat this, you know, you have to be on your guard” messages when she was a child star.

“I’m sure that these thought processes began to penetrate my body, which made my stress level much higher,” she recalled in the Uncensored podcast. “I heard it, didn’t understand it, did what I was told, but then ate off-screen because, looking back, it was the only thing I could really control. It was the only thing I had for myself.”

She continued, “Food was almost the only thing I could [control]. My favorite was something like two bagels with cream cheese and tomatoes in the microwave, and I just remember [hearing] something like, “She can’t eat this anymore!” and I’m like, “This is the only thing there is. I’m getting A’s, so give me something.”

A few months before the podcast appeared, Raven revealed that she had lost 28 pounds after marrying Miranda Pirman-Madey in 2020.

“Pounds down, pounds down. Look at the chin,” she said live on Instagram in May 2021. “If you all watch “House of the Raven” literally right now, and then come live and see this joint, I will have a completely different face. It’s a journey a whole pound down.”

The Cheetah Girls graduate later thanked her wife for helping her change her lifestyle.

“It was because we want to live together. She doesn’t want to take me to an early grave, and I want to make sure that I will be next to her in the best possible health,” the singer explained to E! News in July 2021.

Less than a year later, Raven announced that she had lost 40 pounds.

“With [Miranda’s] help and guidance, love and fantastic culinary skills… she helped me give up sugar,” she told The View in March 2022, revealing that she weighed 170 pounds. “I’m talking about sugar because it’s an addictive drug, and I’m addicted to it in the form of wheat, in the usual form. And it’s out of my system.”