Rating of the strongest and weakest love island couples in the UK


Since the premiere on June 6, the 8th season of the series “Love Island” in the UK has been incredibly interesting, and it’s time to evaluate the duets of the show. Thanks to bombs like Ekin-su Kuljuloglu, which constantly cause romantic dramas while remaining a fan favorite, ITV’s summer dating show easily gets the highest ratings of Love Island since 2019. According to fans, some couples in the villa are impressive, while others fail.

Love Island in the UK, which follows hopeful single people looking for love for eight weeks in a luxury villa, always attracts passionate fans thanks to its various couples, and season 8 is no different so far. Fans were divided as to who their favorite couple was. However, not all couples are still loved. Gemma’s relationship with 27-year-old Davide Sanclimenti was ridiculed by fans because of the large age difference between the couple.

However, as fans of the series know, life in the villa is fast, chaotic and constantly changing. The long-forgotten couple of Gemma and Davide is overshadowed by a lot of strong couples who followed them. Here are three couples who, according to fans of Love Island UK, can currently live in a villa:

Luca and Gemma

Gemma and Luca Bish are certainly a strong couple, not without contradictions. Some fans believe that season 8 was too focused on Gemma, which is why some called the series “Gemma’s Island”. Critics point out that her disproportionate amount of screen time is at the expense of other Love Island stars. While Gemma and Luca only became an official couple in episode 19, some viewers are already seeing red flags in their relationship. Luca seems to be Gemma’s owner, which has started to alienate many fans from the relationship. It can also turn Gemma away from romance, as Reddit user abbey_bxx noted: “I’m sure she likes Luca, but I think he annoys her a little with his possessive behavior. this is [… the fact that he behaves in this way will only make gemma run. it’s too much.” Since Casa Amor may be starting soon, it remains to be seen if the daughter of famous footballer Michael Owen and fishmonger Luke will win Love Island UK season 8.

Jacques and Paige

While Paige Thorne, the Islander from season 8, was a fan favorite because of her charming attitude, Jacques O’Neill’s scandalous previous relationship with Gemma made the rugby player a person fans love to dislike. However, there is no denying that their relationship seems to be one of the strongest in the villa. In episode 16, they spent a romantic night together at Hideaway, a private bungalow where couples can spend the night as a prize. During episode 18, he comforted Paige after a misunderstanding between them made her feel vulnerable about their relationship status. Fans, such as Reddit user xtianspanderia, were impressed by the way Jacques comforted Paige. “I liked the way he talked to Paige when he saw her crying,” u/xtianspanderia said. “It was very gentle and he looked genuinely concerned.” However, fans are still concerned, and with the appearance of Casa Amor, Jacques’ head may soon turn.

Dami and India

Although they didn’t get as much screen time as other Love Island stars, Dami Hope and India Polak are by far the strongest couple, and they are currently popular with fans. Starting as friends when their respective partners left the Love Island Villa, within a week they had a romantic relationship. Their attraction to each other has become a selling point for fans. Redditor u/Electrical_Extreme21 said that “their chemistry is off the scale, in fact I feel like butterflies.” On Twitter, fans were quick to praise Dami’s comments when he chose India during the reunion in the 19th series: “She just sincerely makes me happy, and since I arrived at this villa, I’ve had my eye on her,” @03683m quotes them as tweeting: “I I LOVE INDIA AND DAMI SM!” they added. Fans with a tantalizing date in the 21st episode are eagerly hoping that this couple will survive the upcoming Casa Amor and win the 8th season of Love Island UK.