Rating of the most memorable marriage battles of the groom in 90 days


Many actors of the series “90-day groom” prefer to protect themselves with a prenuptial agreement as they move towards marriage, but some couples struggled until they finally came to an agreement. The discussion of the marriage contract on the 90th day of the groom is a common thing. Between the stigma of inviting a foreigner to America and marrying someone in a short time, it is clear that couples want to protect themselves.

Most couples rejected the marriage contract at the end of the discussion. For example, Michael Jessen and Juliana Custodio had long conversations about the marriage contract. In addition to the mediation session to determine how to divide the assets, Michael’s ex-wife even participated in the promotion of the prenuptial agreement. However, in the end Michael gave up on it.

Other couples decided it was better to sign a prenuptial agreement. This was the case with Chantel Everett and Pedro Jimeno from The Family Chantel and 90 Day Fiance. To support their wedding, Chantelle’s parents wanted Pedro to sign a prenuptial agreement. Despite the conflicts between the couple and Chantelle’s family, Pedro agreed. However, sometimes the turmoil leading to whether or not to sign a contract catches the eye of the audience the most.

#3: Hamza Mokniy and Memphis Smith

Memphis Smith was married before and has two children. So it made sense that she wanted a prenuptial agreement to ensure the protection of her family. But Hamza Mokniy was not so understanding. For him, talking about the marriage contract meant the possibility of divorce and emphasized her distrust. In the end, he agreed to sign, but Memphis did not have time to receive the document for the wedding. As a result, she decided to conclude a post-nuptial agreement, which is similar to a prenuptial agreement, only concluded after marriage. Again Hamza reluctantly agreed. However, now rumors of their separation have spread like wildfire, and viewers are not sure if a contract was signed or what left the exuberant couple.

#2: Mark Shoemaker and Nikki Mediano Shoemaker

Although this controversial couple had a 39-year age difference, this was the least of their worries. Mark Shoemaker wanted Nikki Mediano Shoemaker to sign a prenup. The prenuptial agreement is non-negotiable, and if Nikki refuses to sign it, he will send her back to the Philippines. Having no choice, Nikki went to a lawyer who called the contract a “terrible agreement” and pointed out a lot of strict details that would not do her any good. In the end, Nikki signed the papers, but now the couple is splitting up. While fans are happy to see Nikki free from such controlling relationships, it also means she’s out of luck.

#1: Shaida Suin and Bilal Hazziez

As in Memphis, Bilal Hazziez was previously married and has children with his ex-wife. He also has a successful business, so he worries about his wealth if 90-day-old fiancee Shaida Suin leaves him. As a result, he confronted her with a prenuptial agreement on a romantic date, and since then they have been on rocky ground. However, Shaida, learning from the advice of her “birds” and Nikki, made sure that the contract would benefit her as well. Although it was difficult for the couple to come to an agreement, a recent episode showed that Bilal is ready to do anything to prove his love for Shaida.

Although some viewers feel the same way as Juliana or Shaida, the marriage contract has many advantages. Although there may be a tinge of distrust if the actors were taking notes from Shaida from 90 Day Fiancé, there is a way to make sure both parties are happy, which should be the main point of the marriage. On the other hand, fans may argue that the pre-wedding discussions have made their turmoil worse, so two of these three couples are no longer together. In the end, the relationship is not easy, and the audience wishes all the best to these stars of the 90-day groom.


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