Rating of the best and worst hen party promotions


Bachelor Nation was thrilled to see the first promotional poster of the bachelorette season featuring Rachel Recchia and Gabby Windy, and it was reminiscent of the hen party ads of previous seasons. Rachel and Gabby will go down in history as the first co-bachelorettes after making it to the final three of Clayton Echard’s season of The Bachelor. Although the women were heartbroken when Clayton chose Susie Evans, they are now ready to find love again.

The Bachelor premiered on January 8, 2003 as a spin-off of The Bachelor. Over the years, the Bachelorette Party has turned into several fabulous love stories. The stars of the first season Trista Ren and Ryan Sutter got married on December 6, 2003 and will celebrate their twentieth anniversary next year. Other married couples from The Bachelorette Party include Desiree Hartsock and Chris Siegfried (season 9), Jojo Fletcher and Jordan Rogers (season 12), and Rachel Lindsay and Brian Abasolo (season 13). Season 18 couple Michelle Young and Knight Olukoya are also still gaining strength and planning their wedding.

Promotional posters for the Bachelorette Party allow fans to preview the season. Since Bachelor Nation knows the main character from the previous season, there are sometimes references to their personalities and experiences. Posters, from cute to silly, from romantic to risky, reflect the characters of women and the shades of their seasons. Some were perfect for bachelorette parties, and some didn’t match how wonderful these women were. These are some of the most memorable posters, ranked from worst to best.

Claire Crowley

Fans of “The Bachelor” poster Claire Crowley first confused, and then outraged. At 39, Claire was the oldest bachelor in the show’s history, but by no means “old.” However, the poster had a link to the movie “Graduate” about a 21-year-old man who was seduced by an older woman. Combined with a reference to the movie, the catch phrase “It’s time” looks more like a cheap hint about Claire’s age than a hint that many fans were waiting to see her in the role of a Bachelorette Party. Claire is dedicated to women’s empowerment, and she deserves a better promo than what ABC provided her.

Katie Thurston

Sex-positive Katie Thurston shocked the bachelor nation by bringing a vibrator for the night in one of the seasons of “The Bachelor” by Matt James. Her poster jokes about this with a catch phrase: “Look what all this noise is about.” Some found it funny, others decided it was time to move on. However, it got people talking about Katie.

Jojo Fletcher

After Ben Higgins told Lauren Bushnell, runner-up, and runner-up Jojo that he loved them, he broke Jojo’s heart and the Bachelor Nation was rooting for her to find true love. This cute poster featured a beaming Jojo who was definitely ready to move on. The slogan “From Ben to 26 new men” showed that the Bachelorette Jojo really wants to start his new fairy tale.

Hannah Brown

In Colton Underwood’s season of The Bachelor, Hannah Brown was known as the queen of the pageant, but her poster showed that she was ready to get rid of her good girl image. When she threw the crown to the ground and her ball gown fell open, revealing a pair of trousers from the poster, there was no doubt about who would wear the trousers in her season. The poster really captured the spirit of Hannah’s journey with the headline “The Crown is coming Off.”

Michelle Young

Sophisticated and quiet, Michelle is the epitome of elegance and class in her promo. Her simple slogan “Love in Bloom” was as majestic and beautiful as Michelle’s Bachelorette Party itself. Surrounded by flowers and dressed in a gorgeous dress, Michelle held a single rose, ready and waiting for her true love.

Three Hundred Ren

The initial MVB award — “The Most Valuable Bachelor” — was Three hundred. She spent two seasons in the NBA as a dancer for the Miami Heat basketball team, and her poster was a smart play on both her former job and her experience of second place in the first season of “The Bachelor.” While several men raise To Trist in the air, the headline reads: “She’s doing all the gear this time.” The metaphor was developed at the bottom, as the poster indicates when “the games begin”. Like the “Bachelorette Party” promo that started it all, this one is a slam dunk.

Rachel Recchia and Gabby Windy

As a sign of respect for Thelma and Louise, best friends Rachel and Gabby ride in a cherry-red convertible in the “Bachelorette Party” season commercial. The slogan reads: “Two best friends. One incredible season.” It really illustrates the uncharted territory the franchise is about to enter.

Jen Schefft

The third season of “The Bachelor” starred Jen Schefft, whom Andrew Firestone proposed to in the third season of “The Bachelor.”