Rating of The 5 Best Moments of Henry Cavill and Freya Allan As Geralt and Ciri From The Witcher


Geralt of Rivia has come a long way from attack to defense, from escape to acceptance and from son to becoming a father. The Witcher series, beloved by fans, featured incredible characters, as well as a beautifully constructed plot. Among the complicated relationships, the audience saw the most beautiful relationship between Geralt and Ciri. Henry Cavill and Freya Allan heartily justified the heroes. Let’s take a look at the 5 best moments between this father and daughter duo over the course of 2 seasons of the show.

Ciri is Jeral’s adaptive daughter. Ciri was bound to Geralt by the “law of surprise”, a promise her father Duni made to the witcher for saving his life. Until the end of season 1, Geralt is looking for Ciri and Ciri for Geralt. However, at the very end of the eighth episode of the first season, they both meet. In the second season of the series, Geralt spends time with Ciri, training her and controlling her powers. While their journey was a roller coaster ride for the audience, here are 5 iconic moments.

Henry Cavill and Freya Allan: The 5 best moments of Geralt and Ciri

The Netflix series proved that adapting such an epic story is possible with the right actors. Henry Cavill as Geralt of Rivia and Freya Allan as Princess Cirilla paid tribute to the characters they embodied. Although the first meeting of Cirilla and Geralt from Rivia will always be the most favorite moment for everyone, here are the 5 best moments from the series that we like the most.

5. Acquaintance of father and daughter

When they finally meet at the end of the first season, Geralt takes Ciri in place after the Battle of Sodden at the beginning of the second season. This conversation between them is the essence of what viewers will see throughout the season. During this conversation, Geralt explains to Ciri the Law of Surprise. Here the audience and Ciri will find out that she means more to the Witcher.

4. When Ciri hugs Geralt

When prostitutes doubt Geralt’s powers, Ciri is confused. This is the time when one of the infected witchers creates chaos in Kaer Morhen. When the women take refuge in Ciri’s room, they begin to doubt Geralt. Since Ciri has only known the witcher for a few days, it is difficult for her to understand what to believe and who to believe. However, when Geralt finally comes to Ciri’s door, she runs to him to hug him.

This charming gesture of Ciri melted many hearts, including Geralt. After the incident, Geralt finally takes Ciri to training so she can be fearless and ready.

3. The reunion of Ciri and Geralt

When Yennefer kidnaps Ciri to sacrifice her, Geralt saves the day again. He and Buttercup reach the place where Ian took Ciri. While Yennefer and Ciri are trying to escape from the Qingtran soldiers, they are caught. Although we see Ciri fighting and trying to defend herself, Geralt appears and saves the princess.

Here we see Geralt, the most broken, ready to cut the throat of the love of his life. He sends Ciri back to Caer Morhen with Buttercup. Enraged, heartbroken, but brave Geralt shows himself again, conquering the audience.

2. When Geralt prevents Ciri from becoming a witcher

We all want to be like our parents. In the same way, Ciri wanted to be like Geralt. With the permission of Vesemir, she decides to turn into a witcher. However, Geralt interrupts her and does not let her do it. He assures Ciri that she has had enough. He makes sure that Ciri knows that she is already an extraordinary child and should not be one.

Well, isn’t that what every child should hear from their father? Once again, the connection between Geralt and Ciri wins the hearts of the audience.

1. When Geralt has an unshakable faith

It was the most terrible and critical moment in the series. While everyone thought Ciri wasn’t strong enough, Geralt had unshakable faith. When Volet Meir created chaos, Geralt turned to his daughter to send the monster back to his kingdom. He has enough faith in Ciri’s power. Thus, he pushes her and supports her in the direction of her strength.

And the brave lioness saved Kaer Morhen and justified Geralt’s trust. Well, those were the moments we love. Don’t forget to share your favorite Geralt-Ciri moments with us in the comment box below.


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