Rating of Molly’s Worst Fashion Disasters in 90 Days after Weight loss

On Instagram, the star of the 90-day fiance Molly Hopkins is criticized for her choice of clothes after losing weight. Fans remember the Georgia woman Molly from season 5 of 90DF, and she, in particular, married Luis Mendes in the series. Her first relationship turned into a big disaster, but she did not lose hope and found love in the series “90 Day: The Single Life” with Brooklyn cop Kelly Brown. When her personal life took an inspiring turn, Molly decided to lose a few extra pounds. So far, Molly has thrilled thousands of fans of the 90-day-old groom by losing over 24 pounds.
Molly first talked about her weight loss journey in June 2021. She posted before and after photos to demonstrate weight loss on her face and body. Molly, the 46-year-old owner of LiviRae Lingerie, said that she tried all the fast weight loss products described in the book, and shared that dietary supplements eventually helped her. Molly claims to have lost weight thanks to Plexus supplements, which she advertises to her followers. Molly’s toned figure was highly appreciated, and she attributed it to several months of using completely natural plant-based products.
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Molly’s decision to promote Boombod products was a controversial move. However, at the moment, fans are increasingly skeptical about Molly’s claims about losing weight because of the Plexus association. Fans of 90 Day Fiancé accused Molly of selling schematic “pyramid scheme” products. Among the criticism Molly receives for her weight loss tactics are fans who actually disapprove of the way she dresses. Although Molly will forever remain a fan favorite of Pillow Talk because of her jokes with her best friend Cynthia Decker, it is her fitness transformation that now makes Molly a controversial actor.
3. Molly becomes a shocking blonde
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In April 2021, Molly surprised fans of 90 Day Fiancé with a new look in which she had wavy blonde hair. Molly was wearing a bright orange top with a printed skirt, but instead of focusing on her hair, she talked about Plexus and breast health in the post. The video of the Pillow Talk star “Mali(boo) Molly”, which shows her dramatic transformation, has currently gained more than 103,071 views. Most of the fans in Molly’s Instagram comments seem to be telling her that she looks “ridiculous.” Despite the fact that Molly apparently explained in the comments that she wore a wig for her video, fans thought it made her look older, and the change in her skin tone was due to bronzer, which didn’t help either.
2. Molly doesn’t say anything about her glasses
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In her unfiltered video from October 2021, Molly had blue strands in her hair, a patterned T-shirt and a nose ring. Molly told fans about her upcoming trip to Dubai and informed them that they could go with her for “a couple thousand dollars.” Fans thought that Molly looked “beautiful” and “amazing” in the video. However, some found that Molly’s big glasses, a celebrity 90 Day Fiancé, really didn’t go with the rest of her outfit. “No, no, these glasses are too big for you,” said a concerned follower of Molly’s post. “Oh, please, these glasses don’t suit you at all,” said another viewer of the 90—day Groom. Molly told them, “I don’t care.”
1. Molly’s strange swimsuit is confusing
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By July 2021, Molly had lost about 27 pounds and was pleased with her results. She talked about her energy being “undeniable,” but the comments were filled with negative energy because of Molly’s outfit. One of her Instagram followers told Molly that her leopard print outfit looks “cheap.” Someone else asked her why she was wearing it in public. “I wouldn’t wear it in public, I’d be afraid,” Molly told the 90 Day Fiancé viewer. “Terrible outfit!! Please throw it away!” someone else intervened. Molly’s weight loss is certainly welcome, but her fashion choices are often not pleasing, especially when a 90 Day Fiancé celebrity wears animal prints.