Raspberry Pi Foundation launches microcontroller for $ 4


The latest release of the Raspberry Pi Foundation was a more powerful version of your credit card-sized computer with 8GB of RAM. Now we have another launch of the company: the Raspberry Pico, a microcontroller that costs only $ 4 and opens up great possibilities for developers.

One of the great highlights of Pico is its RP2040 chip that is produced by the Raspberry Pi itself. If you are wondering what would be the use of this small device, know that with it it is possible to interact and control other devices differently because it does not require as much energy to function, besides being small and cheap.

In this case we are talking about weeks or even months using a small battery, since a controller of this type runs the code directly on it, that is, it does not have a traditional operating system like the Raspberry Pi.

Speaking of the chip’s specifications, the RP2040 has a 133MHz dual-core processor, 264KB of RAM and 26 GPIO pins that can be used to connect various devices such as sensors, LED indicators and more. It also has 3 analog inputs, a micro-USB and even a temperature sensor.

The languages ​​supported by the Raspberry Pi Pico are C, MicroPython, which is inspired by Python, but is dedicated to microcontrollers like this.

An interesting novelty is that the Raspberry Pi Foundation has already shown interest in supplying its chip to other companies such as Adafruit, Arduino, Pimoroni and Sparkfun that will be able to use it on their boards, creating an ecosystem with the RP2040.


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