It’s rarely seen: the $ 25 million hacker stealing Bitcoin and Ethereum returned all of them


Hackers who stole $ 25 million worth of cryptocurrencies, mainly Bitcoin and Ether, recently returned all of them.

A few days ago, the decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol attacked dForce, and the hacker who stole $ 25 million worth of cryptocurrencies returned the entire amount stolen.

The attacker returned about $ 2.8 million of cryptocurrencies consisting of HBTC and HUSD yesterday, and today he sent another 22 million dollars back to dForce. It is not known why the hacker returned all of the crypto money stolen, but it is stated that his identity may have been exposed. On the other hand, the relevant addresses were closely monitored and were already blacklisted on crypto exchanges. This made it difficult to sell assets.

After the attack, the hacker converted some crypto coins into different tokens on decentralized exchanges. Therefore, the crypto coins returned were as follows:

Ethereum: 57,992 ETH
Stable cryptocurrencies: 7,140,888 USDT, 748,706 USDC, 137,098 DAI, 458,809 TUSD, 29,469 CHAI, 430,796 BUSD, 381,163 HUSD, 126,015 PAX
Bitcoin: 252,347 imBTC, 9,012 WBTC, 320.3 HBTC
Maker: 425.62 MKR, 5,178.2
Chainlink: LINK, 39,968.3
Kyber: KNC, 110,383.27
Basic Attention Token: BAT
Huobi Token: 1,817.8 HT
Aave: 38,180 LEND
dForce had received $ 1.5 million investment from companies such as Multicoin Capital, Huobi Capital and CMB International last week.

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