Rare Nirvana Photos Will Sell at Nearly $183K NFT


Nirvana: Unpublished photos of the band Nirvana, taken during a concert that took place more than 30 years ago, will be converted into a non-fungible token (NFT) and sold in an online auction scheduled to start on February 20th. On the date, the guitarist and vocalist of the band Kurt Cobain would have turned 55 years old.

Nirvana’s NFTs are made up of a set of 28 images taken by photographer Faith West at a presentation in Philadelphia (United States), on October 6, 1991. This spectacle took place six days after the release of the album Nevermind, which became a one of the greatest hits in rock history.

Sales will take place on the Pop Legendz website, which will offer interested parties two options. In the most expensive model, for collectors, four NFTs produced from five rare images of the band will be auctioned, which will form an exclusive GIF.

Each of these tokens will be auctioned individually, with bids starting at 67 Ethereum, equivalent to BRL 901,000 at today’s price. The bidders will also be entitled to a framed print of the photos signed by West, in 16 x 24 format.

Version for fans

In addition to the more expensive tokens, there will be a sale of limited-edition NFTs for fans of the group. In this case, 10 digital artworks formed from three images will be traded, each costing US$ 499, for 100 fans.

Another 100 fans will have the opportunity to purchase NFTs of 31 still images, priced at $99 each. For the cheapest tokens, cryptocurrency and credit card payments will be accepted.

According to organizers, half of the money raised will go to The Trevor Project, which helps LGBTQIA+ youth. Part of the rest of the profit will go to Grid Alternatives, which operates in the distribution of solar energy to low-income families.