Rare Kept Pirates Of The Caribbean A Secret In Sea of Thieves: “We Wanted To Surprise”


Sea of ​​Thieves: The creators of Sea of ​​Thieves kept their work with Pirates of the Caribbean a secret even within the studio. They wanted to surprise the players. Sea of ​​Thieves receives the A Pirate’s Life expansion on June 22, marking the arrival of the Pirates of the Caribbean license to Rare multiplayer. The content was one of the big surprises of the past E3 2021. To achieve that effect, the team “changed everything” from within to avoid leaks.

How did Rare keep the arrival of Pirates of the Caribbean to Sea of ​​Thieves a secret?

“We change everything in terms of how we work and how we share information internally,” explains Joe Neate, executive producer of Sea of ​​Thieves, in an interview on the Gamesindustry.biz portal. “We send updates to the team every week. It’s just a PDF that all teams are working on. We put code names all over the place, and we never included any images that were IP related. We also run a separate testing process, as opposed to using the Insiders program. We only use Insiders for things that are not related to brands. ”

The process changed in such a way that it reached down to the location. “Anywhere we could reduce exposure, we did. We wanted to surprise people ”, stresses Neate. The subsequent reaction paid off: “We’ve seen so many reaction videos… It worked exactly the way we wanted. I’m so delighted that I was able to keep it a secret, ”he concludes.

Speculation goes as far as social media interactions. Neate says he had to stop responding to some tweets from Disney vice president John Drake after a fan reaction. “I responded to one of his tweets in February [from John Drake], I think it was about Star Wars. I just replied ‘oh wow’. And then a Sea of ​​Thieves fan responded with an eye icon. You can not do anything. You can’t get away with it. Anything can create speculation ”.


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