Rare copy of Super Mario Bros. sold for $ 660,000


A sealed copy, in excellent condition and part of a rare edition of Super Mario Bros. was auctioned off on Friday (2). The new owner of the piece paid $ 660,000 for the Nintendo item, setting a new industry record.

This is now the highest price ever paid for a video game at auctions: the previous price was much lower, $ 156,000, for a cartridge of Super Mario Bros. 3. According to Heritage Auctions, the buyer asked to remain anonymous.

The sealed copy of Super Mario Bros. for Nintendinho it was manufactured in 1986 and was sealed, with a state of conservation considered “exceptional” by specialists – note 9.6 out of 10 possible points, without having been damaged or even hung on store displays. After being purchased, it spent decades in an office drawer, never having been opened by the original owner.

The edition is rare because it is a different packaging than the traditional one, part of a batch released one year after the original release of the game. Unlike the previous ones, this one was packed by a thin, transparent and shrinkable plastic, being practically glued to the box. The market value at the time of the generation of Nintendinho was US $ 25.

It is worth remembering that auctions related to rare game items are often held: the only publicly known and functional prototype of


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