Rare ‘Albino’ Alligators Born In A US Zoo


Rare ‘albino’ alligators born in a US zoo. Two extremely rare albino alligators were born at the Wild Florida zoo in Florida, USA. The zoo showed these crocodiles to the world on social media.

The number of albino crocodiles on Earth is believed to be less than 200. These extremely rare animals have completely white skin instead of green. Recently, two new albino crocodiles were born from eggs.

These two tiny crocodiles were seen at the Wild Florida zoo in Florida, USA, and were shown to the world via social media.

“People shouldn’t see crocodiles as scary monsters”

Sam Haught, the co-founder of Wild Florida, said of the alligators: “You’ll be shocked by how cool they are. These tiny crocodiles can make people show some interest in crocodiles instead of viewing them as scary monsters.

The parents of these newborn alligators are Snowflake, 27, and Blizzard, 16, two albino crocodiles. The two newly born albino crocodiles are the second pair of albino cubs brought to the world by Snowflake and Blizzard.

Experts state that albino crocodiles lose their camouflage due to lack of pigment, and therefore it is very difficult for them to survive in the wild.

Sam Haught argued that these crocodiles should live in a controlled manner and stated that they did all necessary to provide the necessary natural environment.


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