Raquel’s ex-partner joins the Professor for his escape


A recent post by La Casa de Papel co-star Fernando Soto could indicate that the police have a second mole among them. Soto is known for playing Ángel Rubio.

Although he was accused of being a mole for criminals in the first season of La Casa de Papel, Ángel Rubio, played by Fernando Soto, eventually gained the trust of his colleagues and continued to work for the police.

Fernando Soto may have answered questions from fans in his latest Instagram post, which features him alongside Antoñanzas co-star Antonio Romero on La Casa de Papel.

Plot details are being kept under wraps, but Fernando Soto’s post seems to reveal that Antoñanzas and Ángel will work together in some way when La Casa de Papel returns.


Fans agreed that the star’s cryptic post implied that Ángel, played by Fernando Soto, could be helping the professor and his team escape in the fifth and final season of La Casa de Papel.

Now that you know that Raquel is at the center of the action, could Fernando Soto’s Angel Rubio form an alliance with Antoñanzas to feed the teacher with crucial information and get her out of the bank alive at La Casa de Papel?

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