Raquel Leviss “went on a few dates” with “Vanderpump Rules” Costar Peter Madrigal after the split: “I don’t want anything serious”


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Keep things random. Raquel Leviss returns to the dating scene after breaking up with James Kennedy, but she is not looking for serious commitments — even from her co-star in the film “Vanderpump Rules” Peter Madrigal.

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“We’ve had a few dates,” Leviss, 27, told Us Weekly exclusively at the Schwartz & Sandy opening party hosted by DailyMail.com and TMX in Los Angeles on Tuesday, July 19. “He asked me out after my breakup, obviously, and I thought, ‘Well, why not? Right?” Now I agree.”

The reality star noted that the couple has since gone on several dates, adding, “I think it was more than just saying yes to him asking me out and just trying it all out.”

Leviss, however, is not going to have another long-term affair yet. “I don’t want a relationship,” she told Us. “I don’t want anything serious. I’m just a single girl in Los Angeles doing my own thing.”

The California native’s take on her personal life comes after her breakup with Kennedy, 30, ahead of a reunion in season 9.

“After these 5 wonderful years that we spent together, we decided that we have two different goals and decided to cancel the engagement,” the former couple wrote in a joint statement in November 2021. “We love each other very much, but we are no longer in love. We only want the best for each other, so please keep any thoughts positive. Sending love.”

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After their breakup, Leviss spoke honestly about her path to personal healing. Kennedy, for his part, left with Ellie Luber. During her interview with Us, Leviss hinted that fans may see her first acquaintance with a new British-born girl, 26 years old, in the upcoming season of the series “Bravo”.

“She’s very nice. In fact, I really like her. I see a lot of myself in her,” she teased, adding that in season 10 there will be their conversation. “I didn’t give her direct advice [about James]. I let her know how I felt about this relationship. There are a lot of things she loves about James, and I love him too, like how funny he is, how charismatic, how passionate and hardworking he is. I feel like she’s learning a lot from him and a lot in this relationship, and so am I. So I wish them all the best.”

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While filming continues, Leviss is looking forward to documenting the next chapter of his life. “This is a completely new season for me. It’s a new life because I’m doing my own thing. I have my independence. I’m really trying to accept who I am and keep growing,” she shared. “But I feel like I’ve learned lessons from previous seasons that I’ve been able to take with me this season. And I feel like I’m radiating more confidence now.”

With a report by Hannah Kahn