Rapunzel: Disney is developing a live action


Disney continues to develop live-action. Very soon, fans will be able to have a film around Rapunzel! In a few weeks, Disney fans will be able to see the live action Mulan. The company is about to adapt Rapunzel very soon !

For several years, Disney has readapted its classics to make them live-action. This is a big hit and fans could see Aladdin or The Lion King. Then, on March 25, spectators will be able to see Mulan at the cinema. Nevertheless, it seems that the company is preparing a surprise for the fans. Very soon, they will be able to see Rapunzel at the cinema.

According to the media The DisInsider, a live action around Rapunzel could see the light of day. As a reminder, the cartoon of the Grimm brothers was born in 2010 and it was a great success. We were following the story of Rapunzel, a princess who had been kidnapped by a witch when she was a baby. This film could well be readapted to the cinema but in live action. Disney plans to bring the characters to life.

For the moment, the project has not yet found its director and Disney wants the gem. Nevertheless, it will be Ashleigh Powell (Nutcracker) who will take care of the script of the next film around Rapunzel . Disney has not yet released its cast and no one knows who will play the role of the missing princess. Then, Disney has not yet announced a date but the film may not see the light of day before 2022. In any case, fans will be able to see the film in the cinema and not on Disney +. This new project may well please the public and everyone is already anxious to see what it will give.

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In addition to Rapunzel, Disney has already planned to do many live actions around its greatest classics. Indeed, we know that the box plans to make Cruella with Emma Stone and the film should be released in 2021. Then, The Little Mermaid is also in full adaptation and it is Halle Bailey who will put himself in the shoes of the character. This film should be released in theaters in 2020.


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