Rapper Soulja Boy says he got an iPhone from Steve Jobs in 2007


Soulja Boy: The singer Soulja Boy moved the social networks after claiming that he was the first rapper to win an iPhone, in 2007. And according to the artist, the cell phone was given to him by Steve Jobs himself, during the recording of the music video for the song “Crank That” .

The statement appears in the teaser of an episode of the Million Dollaz Worth Of Game podcast, posted on Twitter on Saturday (3). In the excerpt, he details the meeting with Apple’s co-founder: “Steve Jobs and the Apple team came. I was in the pool doing the instructive dance, showing people how to do the dance. They came and brought me the iPhone.”

Asked about the presence of Jobs on the set of recording his hit, the rapper was emphatic in response. “Yes, Steve Jobs and Apple, the entire team. And they said ‘this is the first iPhone’”. The conversation can be seen in the tweet below.

As Soulja Boy didn’t present any proof, many fans decided to investigate the story and even found footage of him in 2007, showing off the first generation iPhone. The Cult of Mac website also ran for clues.

Truth or lie?

According to the publication, the rapper was with Apple representatives during the recordings, which was confirmed by director Dale Resteghini, responsible for the clip. However, the professional did not specify whether Jobs attended the meeting.

Another detail revealed by Resteghini is that the video for “Crank That” was recorded on July 17, 2007, two weeks after the beginning of sales of the first iPhone. And as Apple was characterized by promoting its products with big stars of the moment, chances are the story is true.

Based on this information, the site says that Big Draco was one of the first people to have an iPhone, but not necessarily “the first ever”, and not rule out meeting Jobs.