Rapper MF DOOM had one development game per fan


Rapper MF DOOM, who passed away in October 2020, almost had a game in his honor. Called MF Doom: Special Herb Adventure, the game was in development for Game Boy, but it never got ready.

Chafomon was the developer responsible for creating the game. The Ecuadorian was an unconditional fan of the rapper, even buying MF DOOM records when he was younger. Such idolatry made him have the idea of ​​developing a game in honor of the star.

According to the developer, it took two months to create 5 minutes of gameplay. The aim of the game was to get enough money to buy the records, and thus create new beats for other MCs that would populate the game world.

The main character would be the singer himself, entitled to his famous gladiator mask, which became a trademark in his career. According to Chafomon, the idea was to make more than 100 fictional albums in the game, with fake titles and covers. However, even after all the effort, the developer was afraid to complete the game and have legal problems with its sale.

You can check a little of what the game would be in the videos that Chafomon himself made available on Twitter.


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