Rapper fired a flamethrower on the bus then surrendered


Local rapper Dupree G.O.D. has been charged with reckless recklessness, although he alleges that he was shooting a music video.

As part of a music video, the young New York rapper Christopher Dupree has turned himself in to the New York police who accuse him of reckless recklessness for having climbed on the roof of a bus with a flamethrower that he triggered several times although he alleges that he was recording a music video, this was released by local media in addition to affecting some vehicles in the surroundings.

In different videos broadcast by social networks, it can be seen that the rapper climbed, flamethrower in hand, on the roof of a bus on the B-26 line that had stopped at a traffic light in the Brooklyn neighborhood, jumping from a van of street food that was parked next to the sidewalk where several vehicles had to stop to avoid causing an explosion.

Rapper scared everyone present


Likewise, according to the witnesses, they mentioned that once on the public transport vehicle, the singer, shirtless, began to shoot flames upwards with his weapon, which caused small fires on the roof of the bus and on the asphalt.

After about 40 seconds in which numerous people recorded what happened with their mobile phones, Dupree jumped to the shoulder. According to Somagnews, the singer arrived at the 79th district police station in New York riding in a Porsche and accompanied by his lawyer Cary London who alleged that it was the recording of a music video.

Dupree, with his unique style, shook the hand of an agent before surrendering and being handcuffed, assured several media that what happened was an artistic action organized in a safe environment, the police, however, have accused him of recklessness and criminal possession of a weapon.


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